Chrome paint

A sleek, metallic finish on anything from household items to commercial buildings continues to grow in popularity as one of the easiest updates to achieve modernisation. Not only does chrome brighten an object, but also gives an immediate contemporary feel. Real chrome can often prove somewhat pricey, which means that many have taken to the more cost-effective alternative of utilising spray paint to their advantage.

Chrome effect is a relatively new addition to the world of spray painting. During the spraying process, a clever response occurs between the paint fragments and chemicals in the solution, therefore, producing a higher reflection rate than any other spray paint type.

Opting to use chrome spray paint over customary chrome plating is not only lower in price, but is also a more environmentally friendly option. The procedure of chrome plating an object is known for creating a huge amount of waste and emitting poisonous gas into the atmosphere.

While spraying paint over chrome plating is incredibly safe for both the individual applying the paint, along with the environment, there are a number of safety precautions that must be put in place before beginning the application process. Spray paint should only ever be used in a well-ventilated area, whether this may be through the use of a spraying booth or merely stepping into the great outdoors.

Failing to use spray paint in a well-ventilated area comes alongside a plethora of different safety hazards. Not only do you run the risk of inhaling toxic fumes, but also dramatically increase the likelihood of a fire.

Any paint fumes that are left to come into contact with an electrical discharge will quickly ignite a fire. A poorly ventilated area will also lower the quality of your final results.

No ventilation means that dust, debris and grime have nowhere to escape meaning they will begin to build on the surface during the spraying process.

Although it may seem heavy and limit your movement ever so slightly, it is vital to ensure that you wear both long sleeves and trousers during spraying. Chromium used in the ingredients of chrome spray paint can begin to irritate the skin when exposed and cause a number of skin reactions. Keep in mind that chrome spray paint can stain clothing, so ensure that you wear old clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. It is essential only to use rubber gloves as plastic gloves, unfortunately, are not able to handle the corrosive substances used in chrome paint.

If you are unable to find rubber gloves, those made from neoprene or PVC work equally as well. Your eyes are some of the most delicate features of the body and must always be protected from harmful substances. Although protective glasses are effective, for extra safety, it is highly recommended, instead, to opt for using goggles. Goggles are fitted with elasticated straps which allow them to have a tighter grip to the head. A spraying mask is one of the most common forms of protective clothing you see people wear when spray painting.

Wearing a face mask is even more important if you suffer from health conditions that affect your breathing such as asthma or have severe allergies. A spraying mask covers both the mouth and nose to ensure that no dust or harmful chemicals are inhaled. Due to the versatility of chrome spray paint, you most definitely are not limited to the wide variety of different items you can transform.With futurechrome chrome spraying machines, there is no project that is too small or too large.

This machine was developed with the latest Walther pilot pistols in order to achieve quality and consistent results. The Walther Pilot Silvering pistol delivers our product with perfect atomization and maximum spray pattern for optimal coverage. Our Walther Pilot silvering gun is the best on the market and was developed to introduce the spray chrome process into the tarnish-proof clear coat and to give you a brilliant chrome finish.

This spray chrome plating machine is also equipped with a Walther Pilot Activator gun and a Walther Pilot flushing gun. The Spray Chrome machine is equipped with 2. Equipped with push connections for easy cleaning and connecting the gun, we have also added foot bi-coil and tri-coil hoses to ensure a comfortable working distance.

For more information on the functions and capabilities of this system, please contact FutureChrome at or send an email request to Info FutureChrome.

Best Chrome Spray Paints: Restore the Shine on Your Car or Motorcycle

We specialize in a process called spray chrome that allows you to apply a chrome or custom colored chrome finish to any surface. Our spray chrome plating process actually implants the silver into the surface, enabling an excellent custom chrome finish with excellent adhesion.

The result is an extremely protective UV coating that protects the spray chrome finish from yellowing or tarnishing. FutureChrome offers unmatched technical support and customer service for our chrome spray kits so customers can start spraying a beautiful chrome finish seamlessly. The Pro Ultra 90 Spray Chrome System comes with all the spray guns needed for the FutureChrome spray chrome application and will give you a total coverage of 90 plus square feet.

New Spray Chrome Machine Available! High production spray chrome machines available, Pro Ultra 90 and Pro Max We have financing available for all your spray chrome needs. Amazing colored chrome. A revolutionary process that allows you to chrome virtually any surface! Small Project Kit. Everything you need to turn virtually any surface into a beautiful chrome or colored chrome finish with FutureChromes DIY Hobby kit!The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Read more. There's something very appealing about shiny chrome parts on your car or bike. However, chrome can often chip or scratch over time due to road debris, bugs, and other factors.

Our chrome spray paint review will help you find the best paint on the market to revitalize your ride and bring it back to its near-original shine. This paint is produced in the United States and provides an elegant, smooth, and high-quality metallic finish that is both deep and lustrous.

The result is intended to resemble actual chrome plating, not paint. The product is acid-free and dries quickly: 10 minutes to the touch and two hours to handle. It can be applied to metal and a variety of other surfaces. This paint is easy to use and goes on smoothly.

It produces a nice, shiny silver finish as long as you apply enough coats. The finish is slightly reflective, and while not exactly like real chrome, it is a bright silver metallic look. It comes out glossy with a polished metal appearance. There are no drips or runs, and it provides excellent coverage, even on a rusty truck bumper or a peeling grill.

The paint does not produce a mirror finish. Also, the nozzle may splatter or drip paint, causing it to spray unevenly. There have been some complaints that it does not dry as quickly as advertised and may start peeling off over time. In addition, the paint may discolor if you touch it with your fingertips. This paint is acid-free, dries quickly, and has a high-gloss finish.

The paint is dry to the touch in 15 minutes and is dry to handle in three hours. It's suitable to use on metal, glass, plastic, and a variety of other surfaces.

The small aerosol can is perfect for smaller projects. This paint sprays smoothly and evenly, has a good spray pattern, provides nice coverage, and it's easy to use. The paint is great to touch up scratches on rims and other car and motorcycle parts and provides protection through rain and road debris. It also dries fast, looks good, and is quite shiny. One downside is the color is more bright silver than a true chrome.

Also, the can is small, and you may need more than one for a larger project, driving up the cost. The paint may also have a strong odor. There have been some complaints that paint may flake off over time.

This quick coat enamel paint prevents rust and corrosion on properly prepared surfaces. It provides extra hide and durability and is lead-free and ozone-safe. It creates a weather resistant gloss finish to metal and other surfaces. The paint dries to the touch in 30 minutes and dries thoroughly overnight; no curing is required.

This paint can be used on many types of surface areas, including fiberglass, plastic, and metal. It works very well and dries fast. It holds up in cold temperatures and in inclement weather. The product goes on smoothly and doesn't leave drip marks behind.

It's also easy to apply as long as you follow the directions. The paint may not be as glossy as you expect, and the color may not be exactly as advertised. Also, the spray tip may be hard to press or the nozzle may fail completely.Learn how to apply this finish from professional trainers who will guide you through every step of the process. The self-leveling formula lays down smooth, flat, and shiny — the perfect base for a show chrome finish.

A unique water-based silver solution is applied next, using a specially designed dual-nozzle spray gun. The silver mist lays down flat and builds up reflectivity to a brilliant, perfect mirror shine.

Chrome Paints

An ultra-durable automotive clearcoat seals the silver finish and provides incredible UV resistance and unmatched durability. This clear topcoat can be tinted to any shade of the spectrum! Our finishes are synonymous with uncompromising quality and unmatched durability — our list of renowned clients speaks for itself!

Take a look at what sets Spectra Chrome apart:.

How to paint Alsa brand chrome paint

We offer a full range of systems; allowing our customers to take advantage of any market. We have also developed a lineup of useful accessories that are purpose-built for the Spectra Chrome process; to help our customers maximize the efficiency of their spray-on chrome operation.

Spectra Chrome is as durable as an OEM automotive finish — it will hold up just like the paint on your car. Proven UV resistant topcoat formulations mean that Spectra Chrome will never yellow or fade in the sun — and amazing intra-layer adhesion prevents chipping, peeling, or flaking. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer support.

Come down to Florida and attend a hands-on training class, taught by our expert trainers who spray Spectra Chrome every day. HV-T System U. Patent 7, Get in touch with us today — our friendly representatives are happy to assist!Painting over chrome is a slipperier proposition than it sounds. The common misconception is that chrome is used as a protectant because it doesn't corrode.

The reality is exactly the opposite -- chrome almost immediately oxidizes or "rusts" when it comes into contact with oxygen. But chrome oxide "rust" is completely clear and very fine, providing a glass-like shine over the nickle plating beneath, and a finish that's smooth and slick to the touch.

Painting directly onto chrome, you're effectively spraying a shell over very fine "rust" -- this reality necessitates somewhat more intensive preparation to keep your new shell of color from simply falling off. Sand the entire piece with to grit paper and use or even grit for specific areas if you have deeper scars, rust or pits. You must get below any damaged spots.

A pit in the chrome left alone will pop out in no time and ruin your paint. You may even need to use a grinder if the grit paper will not get you below the damage. Follow up on the entire piece with grit paper; your objective is to have minimal scratching from the previous sandpaper and end with a grit finish.

Always wear safety glasses if you use a grinder. Once compounds are dry, sand level to the original surface with a heavier grit and follow up with grit. Using a clean cloth or tack rag, wipe the piece off to completely remove all sanding dust, and then wipe down the piece with either lacquer thinner or wax remover. Put on your face mask and spray the entire piece with the self-etching primer.

Two light to medium coats will do. Allow time to dry between coats. This special primer will grip to the metal and prepare you for regular primer and paint. Once the self-etching primer is dry, spray two to three coats of the high-build primer over it, always allowing each coat to dry before applying another one.

You can get a better feel for flaws if you wear a cloth glove and run your hand over the piece slowly. Sand any glaze down with or grit paper and then sand down the entire piece, including the edges, with grit paper so that you end up with a very smooth finish. Be sure to sand down any runs you may have from the primer.If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. Image is a representation of this item. Actual item may vary. Change Currency. Check Fit.

Shipping restrictions may apply on this part. If you purchase this part, your order can only be shipped by ground. Dupli-Color Instant Chrome. Brand: Dupli-Color. Manufacturer's Part Number: CS Part Type: Paint. UPC: Low VOC: No. Paint Type: Enamel. Volume: 11 oz. Manufacturer Paint Color: Chrome.

chrome paint

Paint Finish: Gloss. Quantity: Sold individually. Dupli-Color Instant Chrome is designed to create a dazzling chrome look in just minutes. This fast-drying enamel is ideal for trims, bumpers, and grills.

chrome paint

When you're ready to add some style to your vehicle, try Dupli-Color Instant Chrome paint for the best results. Summit Racing Verified Purchase. Was this review helpful? Yes No. If you feel that this review is inappropriate and should be removed from the site, report it to us by clicking the "Report Abuse" button below.

Date: December 03, Date: December 06, Date: March 08, Date: January 07, Date: July 30, I have a Customer Service question order, shipping, returns, etc. I would like to ask other customers a question about this Product. Prep Wipe, 8.

chrome paint

Masking Paper, 12 in. Width, ft. Length, Each. Low Price Guarantee.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: March 29, References. If you want to change the look of your chrome, consider using black paint.

Paint over your chrome items, such as car emblems, rims, and grill shells, with black paint to get a black chrome finish. If you want to make a black chrome finish on non-chrome items, use spray black spray paint with a shiny chrome finish. All you need is primer, paint, clear coat, and a steady hand to transform your items into gleaming black chrome.

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