Combining like terms puzzle

Combining like terms is such an important topic in 7th and 8th grade math.

combining like terms puzzle

As teachers it often seems so intuitive to us that terms have to be alike in order to be combined. For some reason, though, many students need a lot of repetitions to really get this concept down pat. Even though we may teach combining like terms in isolation for a day or 2, it shows up again and again, incorporated into so many other middle school math concepts we study.

So, I want to make sure that my students get the practice they need, dispersed throughout the year. This skill is so foundational. In turn we need to make sure that students really get it.

The activities below make combining like terms fun. These activities work great as initial practice activities or later as cyclical review. Combining Like Terms Mazes. Foam Cubes. Tic Tac Toe with Partners. Combining Like Terms Uno.

Interactive Notebook Sorting Activity. Like Term Invaders. Jeopardy for Combining Like Terms. Combining Like Terms Knockout Game. Doodle Notes. Combining Like Terms Kahoot. Mini Paper Chain Activity. These activities vary in type and when to use them in class. Students can complete some of the activities on their own and other activities have to be completed with the whole class.

Keep reading to read more about each of them and find some activities that are just right for your class. In my class we use mazes almost daily. Students walk into the room, grab their maze, and get to work. Often, I use a maze like combining like terms early in the year and then I use it again later in the year.

Within these three mazes students will see different variables and even some negative integers. If you want something that you can print and go, then these mazes are just the ticket. Want even more math mazes? Sign up today and get started with a free integers maze exclusively for club members!

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Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms Puzzle #2 (CCSS 6.EE.A.3)

English aptitude questions, Trivia on midpoint formula, solving equations with rational expression calculators, TI adding complex exponents, ellipse math problems, 3rd polynomials, mcdougal littell biology answer. Free teks math, symmetry of basic shapes 3rd grade, math activity for factoring and complete the square, adding and subtracting integers worksheets, how do i solve by elimination calculator, free college math problem solver, gcse scale factors lessons.

Worksheet about graph linear, quadratic square roots, substitution calculator, simplifying algebraic powers, iowa algebra aptitude test practice, degrees of reading power free worksheets for the fifth grader.These are really great, as students can check their own work and investigate how different expressions can yield the same term.

Thank you for your work and ideas! Bonnie College Station, TX. I cannot believe that it is September! I mean, where did August go? July was nice and slow, but August just flew by! Anyway, I did a little work this weekend to help get back into the swing of things. One of the things that I did was create yet another resource for combining like terms.

It's a skill that comes up in my first unit with 7th graders, and it's a really important one, so I feel the more resources you have, the better! This puzzle is very similar to my Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Puzzles.

There are 21 puzzles, each containing 2 equivalent expressions and a simplified answer. I made sure to use a variety of positive and negative terms so kids can practice adding and subtracting integers while they do this. I also used a combination of two- and three-term expressions. I created a recording sheet as well as an answer key. I'm hoping my students will enjoy the activity.

Here are some pictures:. Labels: activitiescenterscombining like termsgamepuzzles. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.I had ordered dry erase pockets but they were on back order and never sent me any. Alternative: sheet protectors work great too!

Thanks for sharing! I'll be using this next week. Would you really want to do more equipping?

combining like terms puzzle

I LOVE tantrix I had a set at my old school I had to leave it behind. Question on Challenge one with the orange shapes, it says make a square with exactly one shape. Should that be some other number??? To give my students some practice on combining like terms, I assigned them to work through a combining like terms maze in their groups. I found this maze online here page 12 of the PDF! It looks like it's form some sort of enrichment workbook or resource, but I'm not sure where it is from exactly.

If you recognize this and know the source, please let me know so I can share it with others! The PDF was a bit messy looking, so I did some cutting and pasting to pretty it up.

Simplifying Expressions - - Algebra Help

My prettied-up version is posted here. I printed a class set and slid them into one of my favorite tools - dry erase pockets! You can find these super cheap on Amazon by searching for " shop ticket holders. This means you can make less copies and use the same set of copies year after year! My favorite dry erase markers to use with students are these pen style dry erase markers that are made by Universal.

After passing these out to my class, I instructed them to read the instructions before starting. They obviously didn't listen to me because I was soon being asked "Do we start from the top or the bottom?This puzzle activity is a fun and engaging way for students to practice the skills of combining like terms.

combining like terms puzzle

Each puzzle piece corresponds to a problem number and has a matching answer on the template. Their goal for this activity is to put the picture puzzle together by combining like terms.

This activity is great for small groups, pair activities, individual practice, homework assignment, and more! Absolute Value Equations Picture Puzzle. Algebraic Expressions Picture Puzzle. Combining Like Terms Picture Puzzle. Distance Formula Picture Puzzle. Exponent Rules Picture Puzzle. Factoring Trinomials Picture Puzzle. Integer Operations Picture Puzzle. Literal Equations Picture Puzzle.

Midpoint Formula Picture Puzzle. Multiplying Binomials Picture Puzzle. Multi-Step Equations Picture Puzzle. Multi-Step Inequalities Picture Puzzle. Order of Operations Picture Puzzle. Quadratic Equations Picture Puzzle. Radical Equations Picture Puzzle. Rational Equations Picture Puzzle. Simplifying Radicals Picture Puzzle. Slope Formula Picture Puzzle.

Solving Proportions Picture Puzzle. Systems of Equations Picture Puzzle.Your students will use this collection of activity sheets to learn how to solve for variables to simplify algebraic expressions.

These sets of worksheets introduce your students to the concept of combining like terms, and provide examples, short practice sets, longer sets of questions, and quizzes. This is a paramount skill in algebra, you will need to master it in order to have an easy transition to higher level math. You basically cleaning up an expression or equation to just make it more workable. We suggest whenever you are evaluating expressions or equations to think about like terms first. This series of lessons and worksheets teach the steps for simplifying equations by matching or combining terms that are alike until there are no more steps that can be performed.

A variety of equations are provided ranging from simple to advanced. Review the steps for simplifying an equation, then complete the practice problems. For each problem, simplify. Then check your answers and record your total score below. Complete the following problems, then put your answer in the "My Answer" box. Break these down into digestiable pieces for yourself.

For each problem, simplify the given equation. We label these as "simple", but they include many terms, so they may be a challenge for some students. Do not let the exponents get in your way. This one allows you a great deal of room to move around with.

These are perfect to get started with working on multiple terms that need to be packed together. We introduce how to handle terms that have exponents. More practice sheets to move forward with this skill. A great way to get students off and running.

You have to group all these terms into five different groups. You are first reminded about the skill and then asked to work on your own.This puzzle has two versions — a full page size version and a half page size version that will fit perfectly into your interactive math notebook! Students LOVE puzzles. Compared to a traditional worksheet, a puzzle is MUCH more fun and engaging.

Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms Puzzle

Puzzles force our students to think, whether they want to or not! Just print and go — Easy! Give yourself a break! You can get the first one here! To solve the puzzle, students will simplify each expression by combining like terms and using the distributive property, and match it with the equivalent expression on another piece. Try using this puzzle in a math station when you are doing rotations. Cut out the pieces ahead of time and laminate them to save time. This is a great puzzle for all skill levels!

If you get some early finishers, no big deal! Give them some blank triangles and have them add their own expressions!

combining like terms puzzle

You could make it a contest and see who can add the most triangles to their puzzle before the time expires! Both downloads are identical in every way. If you download this puzzle directly from me, your purchase goes much farther toward supporting My Math Resources!

After checkout, your download is instantly available. Not ready to download now? No problem. A never-expiring download link is sent to your email. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this puzzle!

Print Combining Like Terms Worksheets

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Skip to content Search for: Search Close. This engaging puzzle is a unique way to review combining like terms and the distributive property!

How Can You Use this activity? If you rotate your triangle, you will easily be able to read all of the text right side up. For every spot that the triangles match up, the equation and answer must match up. When two triangles or a triangle and a rectangle are touching share a sidethey must be a match. How to solve the puzzle: Simplify each expression. Match up expressions with their equivalent expressions.