Witcher 3 fps drop fix

witcher 3 fps drop fix

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch Will Carry Fix For FPS Drop Issue On PS4: CDPR

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witcher 3 fps drop fix

By recency Recency Votes Hot. Filters 2. Mark as read. GeForce Forums - Code of Conduct. DeathGhost Metro Redux - Anyone else has constant crashes? Killing floor 2. Preet Parmar Preet Parmar. Freestyle not working for CSGO. Raymondto 1. Dandaleor 7.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Just bought the game for PC after playing it on ps4 twice. I built the pc last summer and havent had an issue with a game until now.

I didn't think id run into any issues.

Witcher 3 Stuttering Fix!!!

I've read that hairworks destroys fps, and that i should lower foliage render distance and some other settings but with my build should i really being experiencing issues? All other posts ive read about performance issues are on older cards and less powerful cpu. Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Have you installed any mods? What resolution are you playing at? It is normal for frame rate dips during battles. Originally posted by CursedPanther :. For all the bugs, the poor optimisation should be a needle in haystack.

Just ignore it. Malakai View Profile View Posts. OP, what's the resolution you're playing at and by cnance do you have Win 10 with the creators update installed? Originally posted by Malakai :.The Witcher 3 is here.

Or thinking about playing it. Our Witcher 3 experience has been very smooth so far on a variety of systems. We have an in-depth technical analysis of The Witcher 3 coming later this week. But for now, this article will cover two topics. First, some quick tips for maintaining a higher framerate: The Witcher 3 has a ton of graphics options, and tweaking a few of them can make the difference between a middling 45 fps and a solid Second, some observations about Witcher 3 crashing problems and some potential solutions.

The obvious first: if you have an Nvidia graphics card, update to the latest drivers through the GeForce Experience. This can increase your framerate by a solid 10 fps. My framerate immediately improved by almost 10 fps. And once I started moving around, that framerate improvement fluctuated from about fps higher than it was with Foliage Visibility Range on Ultra.

The tessellation of HairWorks is especially demanding on older Nvidia cards, but even on a GTX we noticed an across-the-board fps dip with HairWorks enabled, even with just Geralt on screen. Finally, you can always overclock your graphics card to increase performance. Some players are cruising along with no issues, while others are running into regular, frustrating crashes.

Improving FPS in The Witcher 3 for AMD card owners - Applying settings recommended by AMD

In the graphics options, enable Hardware Cursor. The Witcher 3 defaults to Borderless Windowed, which can make it easier to Tab in and out of a game. Switching to fullscreen, though, may fix a number of issues. It may solve your problems. If the game is more stable as a result, you can use process of elimination to find the culprit.

Locate the visuals. Still experiencing crashes or lackluster performance? You may need to roll back drivers. Further driver and game updates will undoubtedly improve performance and stability for The Witcher 3, but for now, these are the easiest changes you can make to keep the game running smoothly.

The Witcher 3 performance tips and crash advice

Have some tips of your own to dispense? Having problems that none of these tips solve? Post in the comments, and other players may be able to help you out with their own tweaks. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Tweaks for those precious frames per second The obvious first: if you have an Nvidia graphics card, update to the latest drivers through the GeForce Experience.It seems that you're using an outdated browser. Some things may not work as they should or don't work at all. What is GOG. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Owned Free. New releases.

The Witcher 3 PC Errors And Fixes: Improving Graphics, Performance, FPS Drops And More

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Customer-first approach. Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits. Gamer-friendly platform. Your profile. Redeem a code. Apply changes. Sign out. Your Notifications. See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you.Hot Topics. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vattgert Rookie 1 Jul 24, Hi, not so long ago I encountered with freezings or spikes or fps drops in Witcher 3 game Steam version.

Nothing is overclocked now, but for the first 5 month my cpu was working on 4. So maybe I'm facing concequences of it now. All the temperatures are ok. GPU is never more than 71 celsium, cpu - never more than 60C even when it was overclocked.

So, I was playing Witcher 3 for about month, and everything was smooth, fine and cool. But then, month ago, I updated my old Windows 10 version that time it was some old version of yearto the newest one. And fps problems such as in the video occured. I almost give up, because I don't know how to fix this.

Things I've tried: Updated to the newest video drivers Used older versions of video drivers I tried, and some other versions Reinstalled windows fully. So I really need some help. SigilFey Moderator 2 Jul 24, Using any mods, or have you ever used any in the past? If the game is installed anywhere under Program Files or Program Files x86move the installation to the root of your drive or a folder of your own creation. Installing games to protected directories can cause issues. As the sudden performance woes seem to coincide with the Windows Update, it could simply be something creating "Windows security issues".

Make sure the Microsoft Redistributables are installed. Also, install DirectX 9. If updating video drivers does not help, try rolling back. I get regular microstutter on my system, though it very much exceeds the recommended specs.

If I change anything, I get pretty bad lagging and popping. Hope that helps. Post back with any interesting results. Vattgert Rookie 3 Jul 24, No mods were used 1.

Game is installed on HDD where there is no protected folders 2. Microsoft Redistributables is installed. Why do I need install DirectX 9. Tried to roll back, it didn't help 4. Interesting thing is that I tried to limit fps to 30 in game, and after that there were no fps lags. But I really would like to play 60fps as before that's why I bought ti card Yesterday, I disabled every Xbox thing I found on my Windows.

I thought, that it helped there were no lags during minutes after that but today they occured again. Such large drops to fps are not present, but there still drops to sometimes to fps. Last edited: Jul 24, SigilFey Moderator 5 Jul 24, GeForce ExperienceHome Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I've been playing the game for a week now and I had almost constant 60 fps on Ultra and one setting on High.

Yesterday suddenly the game started to lag, dropped to 45 fps on average. Today I checked again and it's still the same. I changed the settings to high and it's better altough I still get lag spikes.

witcher 3 fps drop fix

What could be wrong? Running the game on x Last edited by slovenc95 ; 9 Jun, pm. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Cole N. Klenzer View Profile View Posts. Odd, I've been having the same issue. Dorin View Profile View Posts. I remember this happened to me one time in Toussaint 1 year ago back when I was playing the game, I don't remember what I did to fix it though. I think it had something to do with a specific graphic setting.

Ancient View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Dr.The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt arrived this week.

The Witcher 3 requirements is quite high. So you might face some problems. Errors are described below and how to fix them. Overclocking may be one of the reason for game crash.

witcher 3 fps drop fix

Witcher 3 consumes a lot amount of RAM. Game might be crashing due to less amount of RAM. Make sure you computer meet minimum system requirements i. Close all the unnecessary background applications, which are not in use. It is much known issue, the problem can be avoided by disabling VSync.

If problem persists then run the game in Windowed Mode. Heat management is essential to maintaining a healthy computer. If your computer gets too hot, you may encounter errors, slow performance, and unexpected shutdown.

One of the most essential components in your PC is the processor CPUso you always want to make sure that it is running cool. You can use Core Temp. Core Temp is a free, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. You can get it from here. It is recommended you update your Video Graphics Card Drivers in order to avoid conflicts. The most obvious problems with Graphics or Video Cards are computer crashing, freezing or problems with viewing or launching certain graphics and video files or programs.

These problems would suggest you need to update your Graphics or Video Card Drivers. The name and manufacturer of your card in the top left corner of the window will be displayed.

Now, you know your card name and manufacturer update your drivers from the following links. AMD Nvidia Intel. The settings you have in-game have a large effect on your FPS.

To access these options press ESC in-game. Then lower your video setting. This will make the game run faster but will reduce the visual quality and textures. Overall improvements to performance, including some issues that may have been caused by 1.

See the complete list of changes and fixes here. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next patch will be 1. Post Contents 1. Overclocking 3. Low Ram 4.